Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bubbys Grubbys Offers Drop Shipping

Need more items to sell on your site but you have no room to store one more thing?

Bubbys Grubbys now offers drop shipping on all items available on my site!!

Your customers place an order on your site. They pick a few Bubbys Grubbys items. They pay you for everything, as usual. You then place an order on my site: www.BubbysGrubbys.com
In the coupon section of the checkout, you place the coupon code that I will give you as a drop shipper.
And on the ship to form, you place your customers info.
Then you pay with the money for your order as usual.
I ship directly to your customer, you never touch a thing! And better yet, you get a discount from me for dropshipping!!

What better way to offer Bubbys Grubbys to your customers???

Have Questions??

Email me today at: Bubby@BubbysGrubbys.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I just wanted to say a giant THANKS!!! to all those that have shopped BubbysGrubbys.com OverStock Sale!
I have sold alot and I am going to add a few more items to the sale today, so be sure to go take a look.
I also wanted to Thank everyone that emailed me about being a Product Tester. The response was great!! I should have the rest of the items shipped out by the end of this week-weather permitting.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flameless Alternatives

There are alot of people out there that would rather not have a candle burning with a flame. These people are with good reason. Drafts, animals, children can all be worrisome when you are buring a traditional candle.

Bubbys Grubbys has a few very good alternatives to the conventional candle--

*Bubbys Grubbys Electric Candle Lights are a great alternative. You still get a great scent as you would one of my conventional candles, without the worry of a flame. They come in any of my candle scents and have an electric white cord with a roll on/off switch. As the wax shell heats up, it gives off a wonderful fragrance. These are great for all those places that its too dangerous for a flame or not allowed.

*Bubbys Grubbys Linen/Room Spray is another great alternative. These are very convienient in that they are portable. You can use these in your car, on your carpet, in the office, curtains, couchs, chairs anywhere you need a little spritz of fragrance. Just give the bottle a little shake, point and spray. These are not to be used on silk and your fine linens. The fragrance lasts a long time and a little dab will go along way!

*Bubbys Grubbys Carpet Powder is a wonderful way to get some fragrace when you need it most. Just sprinkle on your carpet, let set, then vaccumm. The scent is very long lasting and once again, just a little will do. When your not using the Carpet Powder, place the jar in your bathroom or cup holder in your car. It will absorb all the stale unwanted odors. You can also sprinkle this in your cat liter boxes!!

*Bubbys Grubbys Primitive Rosehips and Refresher Oil is also great to get some fragrance without the worry of a flame. Bubbys Grubbys Rosehips and Refresher Oil come in all of my wonderful candle scents. The rosehips will come to you in a cello bag drenched in the scent you choose. Use the rosehips to place around your candles, or put them in bowls, jars, glass dishes-anywhere you can think of. You can also use the Rosehips in tart warmers or simmering potpouri pots. Use Bubbys Grubbys Refresher Oils to "refresh" your rosehips or place a few drops in your simmering pots as well.

*Bubbys Grubbys Tarts and Chunkies are yet another way to freshen your home. Just place as many of the triple scented tarts as you would like into your tart or candle warmers and you get the same wonderful scent as in our candles!
*Bubbys Grubbys Primitive Candle Jars can also be placed on candle warmers. They will give off the same great scent as if they were lit. Just remember that once you place a wicked candle on a candle warmer, you will no longer be able to light the candle as the wick will go down inside the jar.

These are just a few example of ways to get the same great scents Bubbys Grubbys offers without the worry of a flame!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

What the Soot!!!??

Ever burn your candles and get that dark black around the top of the candle jar? Ever burn your candle and get the litle "mushroom" on the top of the wick?? Ever buy one of those high priced candles and it only smolders and never really gets a flame?

Soot on a candle can be caused by many different things. If your wick isnt trimmed, then you can get alot of soot that gathers around the top of the candle jar. Always trim your wick after every burn. There are wick dippers out there that allow you to dip your wick in the wax, which will help in the burning process the next time around. To remove that unwanted black ring, use one of your used dryer sheets and wipe it away. If you ever trim your wick too short, just light your wick and hold the candle to the side, to let it get a good deep pool around it-turning the candle around as it burns. You may have to empty the melted wax out so that the wick doesnt drown itself out.
Another reason for the "mushroom" effect is due to the amount of scent used in making the candle. So, most likely, the more fragrant the candle, the more mushrooming you will get. Just trim the wick to get rid of this before or after each burn. In most cases, this "mushrooming" will not have any effect on the candle.
The reason for the smoldering of some candles that just wont ever burn is because the manufacturer put the candle wick in upside down. If you get a candle like this (I have bought plently in the past-those high priced ones-before I ever made my own) there is really nothing you can do, other then replacing the wick, which can be a little tricky. Most times, if you have a candle like this, the only thing you can do is to melt it on a candle warmer. Rest Assured, Bubbys Grubbys wicks dont have a right side-wrong side up. So, you will always have a candle that will burn correctly-every time, as long as you keep your wicks trimmed, and kkep them out of a drafty area!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Are You Doing With ALL Those Empty Candle Jars???!!

Do you save all of your empty candle jars, not knowing why, but just that they might came in handing sometime? If you open the cabinet under the sink, do they all fall out?? Too, hard to get rid of them, because they are so pretty and you paid so much for them???
Well, Bubbys Grubbys can help!!!
I refill all candle jars and crocks. Basically, anything that is thick enough to hold a flame. I can even refill those expensive, big name companies candle jars! I charge 7.50 per pint. For wider jars or crocks, I will put as many wicks as needed depending on the width of the container.

Did you get a lot of Holiday scents and now your sick to death of the smell? Get some that you would never choose? Get them refilled with something you like. Maybe,a nice new Spring scent!

You saved them for a reason-Now, put them to good use!!!

Please email me with any question you might have.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bubbys Grubbys Over Stock Sale Items

I have been going threw some of my candles and have added them to my site: www.BubbysGrubbys.com
Click on the Over Stock Sale tab or you can check it out here: http://www.bubbysgrubbys.com/store/WsDefault.asp?Cat=OverStockSale

This is a great way to try my products and see what you think! I will be adding more as I go threw my items so be sure to keep checking back!
These would make perfect gifts for you or a friend!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Want to Make Money, Buying and Selling the Candles YOU LOVE????

JOIN - Our Affiliate Program
You can earn 15% of sales generated just by placing a link on your site, in emails, or other ways you may choose to promote our site. You can earn an additional 5% of sales generated if you get someone to sign up as an affiliate under you.

Payments will be made through PayPal by the 5th of each month.

This is a great way to earn money buying and selling the candles you love!
Please check out: www.BubbysGrubbys.com and click on the Become an Affillate.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: Bubby@BubbysGrubbys.com

Saturday, February 2, 2008


~Bubbys Grubbys Sweet Deals~
From February 2 Until February 8, Take 15% Off of Your Total Order of 25.00 or More
When You Enter Coupon Code: SWEET15
When You Shop


Does Not Apply to Shipping and Wholesale Orders. Can Not be Combined With Any Other Offers.

What???! Your Not a Bubbys Grubbys Wholesale Customer?? I Wholesale to Stores, Why Not YOURS!!!!