Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bubbys Grubbys Offers Drop Shipping

Need more items to sell on your site but you have no room to store one more thing?

Bubbys Grubbys now offers drop shipping on all items available on my site!!

Your customers place an order on your site. They pick a few Bubbys Grubbys items. They pay you for everything, as usual. You then place an order on my site: www.BubbysGrubbys.com
In the coupon section of the checkout, you place the coupon code that I will give you as a drop shipper.
And on the ship to form, you place your customers info.
Then you pay with the money for your order as usual.
I ship directly to your customer, you never touch a thing! And better yet, you get a discount from me for dropshipping!!

What better way to offer Bubbys Grubbys to your customers???

Have Questions??

Email me today at: Bubby@BubbysGrubbys.com

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