Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Are You Doing With ALL Those Empty Candle Jars???!!

Do you save all of your empty candle jars, not knowing why, but just that they might came in handing sometime? If you open the cabinet under the sink, do they all fall out?? Too, hard to get rid of them, because they are so pretty and you paid so much for them???
Well, Bubbys Grubbys can help!!!
I refill all candle jars and crocks. Basically, anything that is thick enough to hold a flame. I can even refill those expensive, big name companies candle jars! I charge 7.50 per pint. For wider jars or crocks, I will put as many wicks as needed depending on the width of the container.

Did you get a lot of Holiday scents and now your sick to death of the smell? Get some that you would never choose? Get them refilled with something you like. Maybe,a nice new Spring scent!

You saved them for a reason-Now, put them to good use!!!

Please email me with any question you might have.

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