Friday, February 15, 2008

What the Soot!!!??

Ever burn your candles and get that dark black around the top of the candle jar? Ever burn your candle and get the litle "mushroom" on the top of the wick?? Ever buy one of those high priced candles and it only smolders and never really gets a flame?

Soot on a candle can be caused by many different things. If your wick isnt trimmed, then you can get alot of soot that gathers around the top of the candle jar. Always trim your wick after every burn. There are wick dippers out there that allow you to dip your wick in the wax, which will help in the burning process the next time around. To remove that unwanted black ring, use one of your used dryer sheets and wipe it away. If you ever trim your wick too short, just light your wick and hold the candle to the side, to let it get a good deep pool around it-turning the candle around as it burns. You may have to empty the melted wax out so that the wick doesnt drown itself out.
Another reason for the "mushroom" effect is due to the amount of scent used in making the candle. So, most likely, the more fragrant the candle, the more mushrooming you will get. Just trim the wick to get rid of this before or after each burn. In most cases, this "mushrooming" will not have any effect on the candle.
The reason for the smoldering of some candles that just wont ever burn is because the manufacturer put the candle wick in upside down. If you get a candle like this (I have bought plently in the past-those high priced ones-before I ever made my own) there is really nothing you can do, other then replacing the wick, which can be a little tricky. Most times, if you have a candle like this, the only thing you can do is to melt it on a candle warmer. Rest Assured, Bubbys Grubbys wicks dont have a right side-wrong side up. So, you will always have a candle that will burn correctly-every time, as long as you keep your wicks trimmed, and kkep them out of a drafty area!

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