Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bubbys Grubbys Triple Scented Handmade Candles Offers Wholesale

Do you have a Store, Boutique, Tanning Salon, Floirst Shop Beauty or Barber Shop??? Need something to fill the empty space and make some extra money doing so?

Bubbys Grubbys Wholesales to Stores...Why not YOURS???!!

My handmade Bubbys Grubbys candles and smellies go great in any shop or store!! My candles go wonderfully with all of your exisiting merchandise.

Bubbys Grubbys Wholesale prices are generally about 30-40% off the retail prices. I have many scents to chose from and lots of styles of candles and flameless alternatives. If there is a scent that you or your customers are looking for, and I dont carry it, email me, I may be able to help! I carry alot of the big name scents from such places as Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secrets to name a few. Theres no need to pay those high prices.

I have a very low minimum so you can try what you want in the scents you love.

Please feel free to email me at: Bubby@BubbysGrubbys.com with any questions you may have.

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