Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bubbys Grubbys *MOTHERS DAY SALE*

Mothers Day is Right Around the Corner!!! May 11!!

Bubbys Grubbys Would Like to Help You Celebrate ALL the Wonderful MOMS in Your Life!!

So, from now until May 8, you can take 20% off your total order of 20.00 or more when you enter :
in the coupon section of checkout!

Get something for your mom, grandmom, that mom-to-be, and dont forget yourself!!!

I carry Carpet Powders and Sprays that can travel with your MOMS! Use the Carpet Powder as an Air Freshner for MOMS car or buy her a bottle of Bubbys Grubbys Linen/Room Spray-she can spritz a little wherever she goes!!

Bubbys Grubbys Electric Candle Lights are great for those places a lit candle is too dangerous or not allowed-babys rooms, offices, dorms and they make great night lites, too!!

Everyone LOVES a Great Smelling Candle!!!

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