Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WELCOME*Hartles Subs* & *Laces-N-Lures*

Bubbys Grubbys would like to give a HUGE *WELCOME* to Hartles Subs and Laces-N-Lures to my family of Retail Locations!!!

Hartles Subs is located on Marshall Street in Hagerstown, Maryland-right across the street from Western Heights Middle School. They will be carrying a variety of Bubbys Grubbys items after August 12.
Laces-N-Lures is located in Princeton, California. They will also be carrying a variety of Bubbys Grubbys items. They should have Bubbys Grubbys in there store after August 12, as well.
I am so happy to have both of these wonderful stores selling my handmade grubby candles and other smelly good items!!
So, if your in the neighberhood of either of these wonderful stores, be sure to stop in for a "sniff" of Bubbys Grubbys!!

Do you have a store?? Would you like to add Bubbys Grubbys to your inventory??
Email me. I have a huge customer base and I am always looking for more!
Remember**Bubbys Grubbys Wholesales to Stores...Why Not YOURS??!!

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